We Talk

Language and altruism in the internet-age. Really interesting, well-researched essay.

appalachian son


And Now for Something Totally Different…

Perhaps the greatest trait that separates human beings from other species is our use of language. Though other species communicate, human beings are unique as our language is biologically innate. Our use of language has incredible consequences for our societies – our social organization, perceptions of ourselves, the development of culture and the world future generations will inherit. The greatest use of language in modern society is the development of, and changes to, mass communication. For the first time in human history with the advent of the internet, social media and growing social networks communication costs are at an all time low and we are sharing ideas locally to globally in scale. Falling communication costs, as at every time in our collective history, are allowing us to work around traditional power structures that have historically controlled the amount and type of information we receive…

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